2019 is kicking off well and this is looking set to be the year where Christians take bold new steps in converting the world to the cause of Jesus! If you want to be on the leading edge of powerful proselytising, check out these new evangelism trends which are absolute fire!

One: Memes

Memes have been around since at least 2017 but Christians are really stepping into the meme space with some great ideas that will be mightily used to win all arguments with winsome and cutting wit. Finally, new memes such as Bad Luck Brian and Scumbag Steve will be used for kingdom gain.

Two: UberPool Bible Studies

This new trend consists of grabbing three friends, booking an UberPool and having a Bible study right there in the Uber. When the Uber picks up a fourth passenger, whether they like it or not, they’re in the middle of a powerful discussion about God’s love and Jesus’ saving work while transformative scripture washes over them. The most effective UberPoolvangelists are booking trips to the beach or large bodies of water so they can invite the fourth passenger, and driver if they want, to get baptised right there at the destination. If you want to leverage Uber for the Gospel, this is the way all the cool kids are doing it.

Three: Soul Auctions

With the downturn of the property market, more and more young people will be starting to look into buying their first property. This year real estate savvy Christians will begin holding false actions ten minutes before the real auction is set to begin. Starting at a ridiculously low price, young hopefuls will bid on the house with the fake auctioneer, who at the end of bidding will shout “Sold… your soul to Satan!” causing all present to question their eternal destiny. While the crowd is facing their existential crises, volunteers from local churches circulate throughout the crowd handing out free gospel tracts and smashed avocado, inviting all present to church that Sunday. Anecdotal evidence suggests that thousands have come to Christ using this technique in the last month alone.

Four: Getting Angry In Public

With a Federal election in Australia coming up, and a US Presidential election just 20 months away, Christians are all set to continue to use this tried and true technique. Christians have found that getting angry on television, in the paper, on social media, or just wandering the street shouting, has been very effective in sharing the love and grace of Christ. Non-Christians report to finding Jesus particularly attractive when they see Christians condemning them for their immoral lifestyle, especially if they belong to an already embattled minority group. Expect to see more fruitful rage between now and Jesus’ return.

Five: Keeping Your Head Down

One of the interesting trends of 2019 seems to be that as the Getting Angry in Public evangelism trend increases, so does the trend of Keeping Your Head Down. This technique involves being embarrassed that you’re a Christian and praying that no-one finds out. This technique along with the trend of getting drunk because “Christians can have fun too”, are thought to be some of the most powerful for convincing people of Jesus’ ability to bring hope and salvation to the world.


There are the top five evangelism trends for 2019. Do you think I’ve missed any? Let me know in the comments what you think they are. (Who am I kidding, no-one ever comments on websites these days).

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