We’re onto the second day of 2019 and I’m going to tell you about my future. This is one of those life update posts, so feel free to ignore if you don’t really care.

New job, who dis?

On Friday I’m going to have my last day as a gas meter reader. While it’s been a good money-getting and podcast-listening job (and great for the glutes) I’m happy to be moving on. “To where are you moving on?” you ask. Let me tell you.

For a couple-ish days a week I’m going to be the Youth Minister for the Inner North Youth Group. About a decade ago, a number of churches in Melbourne’s inner-north got together and started a youth group. They didn’t have enough youth in each church to have their own but with their powers combined they were able to start something. Now they have decided it’s time to put on a Youth Minister to take this ministry onto the next step. And I’m that guy!

It’s pretty exciting to be getting back to youth ministry. It’s going to be interesting to figure out how to be the youth minister for six churches, but I’m looking forward to all the great stuff of youth ministry – helping teenagers know and love Jesus, fostering community, supporting and training leaders, training youth to be leaders, and helping young people who don’t know Jesus get to know him. I’ll also be working to help a bunch of churches grow in how they can best minister to young people.

I’ll probably share more about this later, but this ministry isn’t exactly flush with cash. Over the last few months, there has been a lot of work done to try to get enough money to employ me. At the moment there is enough money to pay me for a day and a half a week. This is great, but if you know anything about ministry, you can’t get a lot done in 12 hours. We’d really love for me to be employed for at least two days, to really invest well in building this ministry.

If you’d like to be able to support my ministry with the Inner-North Youth Group, you can give a tax-deductible donation through the Melbourne Anglican Fund, which is supporting this venture. You can give by going here, and filling out the details. Any amount would be a blessing and I would be super thankful. Plus, did I mention it’s tax deductible?

And if you want to get my updates about the youth ministry you can sign up for the email updates right here.

What about the other days?

If you’re really good at maths you may have figured out I’m going to have some time on my hands. This is also exciting because it means I can focus more on writing and speaking. I have a bunch of ideas about how to fill the time, so let me tell you the things I’m dreaming about, in order of how likely they are to happen.

Release two new books

I’ve got two books that I’m working on. One is a short book on how to write and give Bible talks for teenagers which I plan on giving away for free or making very cheap. All things going according to plan, that will be available in the first half of the year. The second is a book about all the dumb stuff the disciples did. That one should be out in the second half of the year.

Blog regularly

2018 was a bit of a bust for the regular blogging. Turns out gas meter reading makes blogging hard. I hadn’t expected that, but there you go. Having more time I should be able to get back on my weekly schedule.

Youth Devotional Podcast and Videos

For many years now I’ve had this dream to start a daily youth devotion. I’m going to try to give that a shot. The plan is to get a pilot season done, with short devotions released as an audio podcast, and as videos, and then see if it’s sustainable in the long run.

Support Youth Ministry People

I’ve been thinking for a year about how to give agenda-free support to youth ministry leaders. I plan to keep working on that idea and see what comes out.

Start a Podcast about Preaching

Another dream I’ve had is to start a podcast in which I interview preachers about a particular sermon they preach. Kinda like Song Exploder for preaching. I can’t see many people being very excited about it, which it’s why it’s way down my list of ideas for this year, but I might get to it, and the preaching nerds of the world may rejoice.

Anything else?

If you have any other ideas about how I should spend my time, or things I could do which might be valuable, let me know. I might just agree with you.

More of the Same

Aside from all those dreams, I’m also going to keep speaking at youth groups, camps, conferences and churches when I can, and keep promoting Weird, Crude, Funny, and Nude. I’ve got trips to Sydney and Perth booked in, and a few other things in the works. Which reminds me – if you want a speaker for your evening service in Sydney on 10th February or Morning and/or Evening on 5th May, or for your youth group on 3rd May, send me an email and we can figure it out. If you wanna book me for any other time, you can email me too.

And that is the plan for 2019. But you know, I can make plans and God will do what he wants. We’ll see what actually happens.