There is a lot of terrible stuff happening in the world today. A lot of division and aggression, violence and terror. We would all do well to take some time out and consider some simple things that we can be happy about. Here are just five things that you can rejoice in.

Your superior opinions

What makes you better than everyone else is that you actually have things figured out. There are a lot of wrong people in the world, and all of them are not you. Sometimes people will try and tell you their wrong opinion on the internet. This is a good place to tell them why they are wrong. Sometimes people will try and tell you their wrong opinions in real life, you should say nothing, and then go write about it on the internet why they are wrong.

Your time and place of birth

Believe it or not, you have been born in the best place in the best time. If you hadn’t had the foresight to be born when you were, where you were, you would be living in a time and place where everyone believes even more wrong things than they do now. Your superior opinion would be wasted. Imagine being born in Mexico in 2000 BC? Who would even comprehend your nuanced understanding of science, gender theory, climate, medicine, art, censorship, politics, religion, technology, online gaming strategy, etc? You would be stuck with a bunch of luddites who seem to only be concerned with farming and ancient Aztec religious ideas that only conspiracy theorists on the internet care about these days. Good job on choosing to be alive in the 21st Century, the correct century.

You are justified

It’s true that sometimes you do make mistakes, but that’s ok. These aren’t wrong, they’re just choices. And when you do something that in hindsight is wrong, it wasn’t you that was wrong it was your upbringing or other people’s incompetence. Either way, you can be happy that whatever you do, whatever the outcome, you were right to do it.

Your sins are the least worst of all the sins

Even though, as we have established, you are justified in everything you do, you have the humility to admit that it’s possible that you might sometimes sin. But you can be pleased that even though you do from time to time fall short of the ideal, at least your sins are understandable and not really hurting anyone. There are plenty of people destroying the world with their lifestyle choices, blatant disregard for others, their pride and arrogance, but you, on the other hand, sometimes commit well-meaning boo-boos that when considered carefully don’t actually cause any damage to anyone.

The Sun is Shining

Sunshine is pretty good. Well done you for appreciating the little things in life even while you are comprehending even the greatest of challenges. While everyone else is busy thinking wrong thoughts and sinning, you’re just thankful that the sun is out. While you’re at it give yourself a pat on the back of noticing the birds, the trees, and the joy of afternoon naps. You are truly balanced.

Take some time out today to do some self-care and congratulate yourself for your excellence. You deserve it.

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