Where did you go? It’s the question no one has been asking.

I haven’t blogged for about 2 months. This was never the plan, but these last eight weeks have been extraordinary in their chaos.


First, there was moving house. As I mentioned in the last post, we moved to Melbourne. Sort of. Em, moved to Melbourne to study Law, I moved back in with my parents while I finish my job and now I fly down to Melbourne on weekends. When I finish my job in Sydney, I’ll move down.

So in late January and early February, we spent a few weeks packing the house, packing a truck, driving the truck to Melbourne, then unpacking the truck in Melbourne. The next morning I flew back to Sydney at 6am. Back in Sydney, I spent my weeknights at the old house working in the garden getting it ready for our final rental inspection. Renting is the worst and I hate gardens -this is what I learnt during these lonely evenings in our overgrown yard.

We had our final rental inspection on Tuesday 6th February. On Wednesday 7th February I had a night off and watched Netflix. I think I ate lasagna and drank Coke. It was great. On Thursday 8th February we had a sudden, and tragic death in our family. I won’t go into it here, suffice to say, it threw all plans out the window for a few weeks. Life only seems to be getting back to something resembling normal now.


In amongst all that I’ve been on deadline with my book, Weird, Crude, Funny, and Nude. Hurrah! This is very exciting. I started work on this book in 2012, now we’re less than 3 months from it being in the big, wide world.

In late January, I sent the book off to the editor. My editor made some edits, suggested some changes and sent it back. I made many of the recommended changes (and didn’t make a few because I’m a prima donna and no one tells me what to do), and then sent it back to her. A few days ago I got the final manuscript, which is now with Sam, my friend who is typesetting it! Meanwhile, I have been approving artwork for the book. Angus (@cafexpresso_comics) has been doing it, it’s looking great, and pretty darn funny too. Keep an eye on my Instagram to see some over the coming weeks.

In a week or two, the book will be off to the printers for its first uncorrected proof run. From that, it will get one last proofread. At the same time, I will send the book to some people for review and promotion. If you want one of those copies because a) you’re famous and want to endorse it, b) you want to review it for a publication, blog, TV show, or podcast, or c) you’re in command of a large budget and want to order a bunch of copies for your youth group, school, church, mothers group, etc, and want a great discount, contact me. I’ll hook you up. I know the publisher.

Once this is done, the book will get published, and I’ll it put on Amazon, iBooks, Google Play and anywhere else that’ll sell my book. You’ll also be able it buy it straight from me, which I recommend because then you get a special personally handled version, you can get it signed if you want, and may even get a discount. If all goes according to plan, this should all happen by the beginning of May (hopefully, mid-April).

What Now?

Now that life has calmed down somewhat, I’m hoping to get back to blogging regularly. My plan is to do weekly blog posts, update my website in preparation for being a highly successful author (think J.K. Rowling, Joel Osteen and John Piper all in one), make a proper book announcement, start a pre-order for the book, make a few videos, post some Instagram stuff, and do my normal life. It’ll be fun.

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