Lately, Em and I have gotten into a bad habit of moving cities. In 2018, we’re going to do it again. Darn.

Let me tell you what’s going on.


Last year Em decided she wanted to study Law. She wants to save the world and be as cool as Harvey Specter. I’m not surprised, we all want to do that. So she applied for the top six law schools in the country. She got into all but one, because my wife is super smart. One of the law schools she got into was at University of Melbourne. As it turns out Melbourne is the top law school in the country, and (as I like to brag) the 7th best in the world. So we’re heading back to Melbourne.

This seems a little strange because we just moved back to Sydney from there. Why would we want to go back? Well, not for the weather or the beaches, that’s for sure. But it makes sense that if going to Melbourne is the best opportunity for Em to become the best lawyer she can be, then she should take it. Also, I quite like Melbourne. We were there on the weekend and I said to Em “I like this city”, so I guess that means I like the city.

When it comes to studying this degree, I’m really excited for Em. I think she’ll make a great lawyer, and she’s dedicated to making the world a better place, which is even better. She’s going to use her law skills for good, like Mike and Harvey in the inspiring episodes.


People have asked me what I’m going to do. For the first few months I’m going to stay in Sydney. I’m going to finish term one in my current job and then move down. Hopefully, in that time I’ll find some work south of the border. (If you have any leads, let me know, I’m good at preaching, Bible stuff, working with young people, and church stuff. But am also skilled at being an usher, and watching YouTube videos. You could say I have a very diverse skill set.)

I do plan to keep preaching, particularly to youth. I’ll keep doing camps and speaking at youth groups, so if you wanna book me, you know where to find me. I’m happy to travel.

I’m also on track to publish my first book in mid-April. The book is called Weird, Crude, Funny, and Nude. It’s a book all about the bits of the Bible that appeal to my 13-year-old sense of humour (nudity, toilet humour, marauding bears, etc). You should totally sign up for my email updates to know when it comes out (warning you’ll get blog updates too). When it does arrive you should buy 8-12 copies so that Em and I don’t starve to death and you have all your Christmas presents sorted.

Most probably, the book won’t sell heaps. Oprah isn’t going to endorse it, and it’s likely too risqué for Koorong, so I’ll just have to stick to my day job (which I don’t have yet, so I’m trusting Jesus).


Spiritually, this whole thing seems like a strange journey. Who knew when we moved to Melbourne the first time, we’d leave within 2 years and be back in 3. This is not the settled life I’ve been hoping for. It’s one more opportunity to trust God that he knows what he’s doing even if we don’t. Maybe we made the right decision, and this’ll be super. Maybe we made the wrong one, but God won’t be thrown off by our missteps. Either way, it’s going to be good, because God’s got this.