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Music starts

Oh, nice intro! I wonder what song it’s going to be? I bet it’s “What a Beautiful Name”. No, “Oceans”. No, “Beautiful name”.

Please not “Oceans”, please not “Oceans”, please not “Oceans”…

“You were the word at the beginning…”

Yes! “What a Beautiful Name”! I love this song. I’m gonna love this song for at least the next three months. I’ll probably be sick of it in six months though. I’m definitely sick of “Oceans”. I don’t even know what that song means. Too many mixed water metaphors. This song seems to have pretty solid lyrics. Oh, oops, got distracted. Should probably sing.

“Now revealed in You our Christ
What a beautiful Name it is”

I wonder what I look like when I’m distracted? Do I sing the words? If someone looked at me could they tell that I’m not really paying attention or do I keep singing? Maybe I should set up a camera to film me when I’m singing, then I can see what I look like when I get distracted. But then I might not get distracted. I’ll be too busy thinking about the camera. Observation changes the nature of the observed. I think that might be science. Besides I’d look stupid filming myself singing in church. Oh, I’m distracted again. Sing the song.

“You didn’t want heaven without us
So Jesus, You brought heaven down”

Would we say that? I guess Jesus did bring heaven down. Theologically speaking he came to inaugurate the kingdom of God. I’m happy with that line. It seems odd to say that Jesus didn’t want heaven without us, like Jesus is somehow deficient without us. He’s not. But of course Jesus didn’t want heaven without us. It would be wrong to say “Jesus wanted heaven without us” so I guess it’s true. Ok. I can handle that line.

Why do I spend so much time thinking about theology in songs? I wonder if other people think about that when singing. Probably. Although, plenty of people probably think about what’s on Netflix too. I do like Netflix. I wonder if the next Episode of “Designated Survivor” is out yet? I should watch that and eat the popcorn that’s in the cupboard. That would be a good Sunday night. I wonder how unhealthy popcorn is. It’s basically just corn, and corn is good for you…

Hold on. I’m getting distracted. Keep singing.

“What a wonderful Name it is
The Name of Jesus”

Musical interlude. I wonder what I’m meant to do during a musical interlude. Sway? Probably think about Jesus. Jesus is pretty great. I definitely have not been reading my Bible enough lately. Good thing God doesn’t love me because of my Bible reading. I’m saved by his goodness, not mine. Oh look at that, I’m swaying. Unintentional swaying is probably very holy.

That guitarist is good. And his t-shirt is cool. And the drummer has muscley arms. I wonder if you get muscles from playing drums or if you have to do extra working out for arms like that.

I hope the bridge is soon. I love the bridge. Oh, here it is!

“Death could not hold You, the veil tore before You”

Yeah, Jesus! Jesus, you’re amazing! You rose from the freaking dead! So amazing! I think I want to put my hand in the air. Is anyone else putting their hand in the air? Should I open my eyes and look. Who cares? I should just put my hand in the air. But what if people judge me? What would they judge me for? Nothing. What if I have body odour? No one will notice, except Em and she doesn’t count, she has to love me, it’ll be ok. Alright. I’m doing this. Putting my hand in the air.

*Puts hand in the air*

“Yours is the Kingdom, Yours is the glory
Yours is the Name, above all names”

Man, I love Jesus! He rules everything! I’m definitely going to serve him. Whatever you want from me Jesus, I’ll do. You’re in charge. I wonder what my hand looks like? Should I have my hand up there flat or should I point to Jesus? Will it look weird if I point to Jesus? Am I pointing to help people find Jesus, or because he’s number one? I should think about that. I feel like pointing so I’m pointing. What’s my left hand doing? It’s on my chest. I hope this doesn’t look too emotional, but I really like God. Hopefully, it looks 6/10 emotional. Just enough emotion but not pentecostal emotional.

Oh watch out, the bridge is back! I love this bit. I’m totally putting both hands in the air. I want Jesus to know how much I love him because I have two hands in the air.

“You have no rival, You have no equal
Now and forever, Our God reigns”

JESUS! YOU’RE AMAZING! YOU’RE SO AMAZING I HAVE BOTH MY HANDS IN THE AIR! GOD, YOU REIGN! YOU REIGN! YOU’RE GREATER THAN ANY EARTHLY POWER! GREATER THAN SIN! GREATER THAN DEATH- Other people are putting their hands down. I wonder if I should put my hands down? I’ll put one down. But I’ll keep one up, because I really like Jesus. I’m not going to be swayed by what everyone else is doing. One hand is definitely staying up for the rest of the song.

“What a powerful Name it is
Nothing can stand against”

Actually, my arm is getting tired. Maybe I will put my hand down. When I put my hand down, I’ll put it on my heart with my left hand, because I definitely love Jesus, I just have a sore arm. I’m sure Jesus understands. I wonder if I should work out? My arms need more muscle. I need better worship arms. Like the drummer. I will do push-ups tonight after church. But right now, sing.

The Rock has good worship arms. Maybe I’ll learn drums.


“What a powerful Name it is
The Name of Jesus”

The God of the universe loves me. Thanks for loving me, Jesus.

“What a powerful Name it is
The Name of Jesus”

Is this the end of the song? I think it is. I wonder if this is the last song, or if we’re gonna sing another. I hope it’s not “Oceans”. Please not “Oceans”, please not “Oceans”, please not “Oceans”…