I know you’ve all been missing my blogging.

I have fifty days left as a single man. I’m planning blogging on all of them.

I know, it’ll be crazy!

Not all the posts a gonna be good, that I promise. But I do plan on doing them. It’s a blogging renaissance. Just for a little while.

Right now, Howie and I are on road trip. We’re kinda recreating this one in these last days before I get married. Tonight we’re staying in Bega. Wowzers!

This is us looking totally hot in our hotel room tonight. I took it for Emily so she wouldn’t miss me too much.

2014-09-12 20.46.46

And we had a romantic dinner.


Tomorrow, we’re driving from Bega to Melbourne. I’ll be sure to give you some super photos then too.

I know after this post, you can’t wait for the next 49.