So I’m getting excited about the upcoming election. If only because I like voting. Just filling out voting forms and putting them in the cardboard boxes is fun.

Unfortunately this year, as every year, my vote isn’t going to count. Not really. ‘Cause I’m pretty sure, in the end, God is in charge and I’m not going to vote for God. Not that I wouldn’t vote for God, he’s just not on the ballot. Even though there are Christian parties, I am quite sure that voting for the Christian parties is not a vote for God.

What does give me hope is that whoever wins tomorrow, even if the country goes down the toilet, which is a distinct possibility it seems (I’ve been paying attention to all those electoral ads), God still gets his job done. He has an agenda, and no political party is going to screw it up for him. If he can keep building his kingdom in anti-religious authoritarian states, and he can keep calling people to himself in selfish, rich western democracies, then I’m pretty sure he can make any political situation work for himself.

So while I’m not too excited about my voting options tomorrow, I’m pretty happy that my ideal candidate has already used his overwhelming influence to steal the election.

Photo by Justin Grimes