I retreated this last weekend. Dad and I went up to the Entrance and retreated.

I can’t say I’m a retreat expert. People say you should go into the wilderness, turn off all your electronics, fast and pray. We were in 4 star serviced apartments overlooking the water (and the boardwalk, and some poor-quality musical entertainment). Dad and I tried to avoid each other so we could spend time reflecting and stuff. But we had time to eat steak together in the restaurant downstairs, watch The Last Samurai and to have breakfast together on Sunday morning.

What I did do which was retreat-like was spend a good amount of time reading my Bible, praying and journalling (it was my first day journalling, and boy was I an expert). I also read half a book on Money, Sex and Power by Richard Foster. I felt challenged.

However I think mainly I felt relaxed. That was probably due to the sleeping, Thai food, and various television programs I watched.

Like I said, I’m not a retreat expert, but I reckon I could do it again. And maybe I’ll make one more step towards hard-core retreating. I’ll go three-and-a-half stars or something.