This wasn’t meant to be an ongoing saga. However Howie commented on the last post that if I edited the longer version, I should stick that up and let the people decide.

So I went back and had a look. I found I still had my longer version of the video so I took Howie up on his challenge. I added some music, cut about 10 seconds more stuff out to make it snappier, and I think actually the finished product isn’t too bad. It’s much better than it was when I decided to make the three short videos. I think it might be better than the three short ones. I feel like adding the music is what saved it.

So now you can watch the long version too. But let me say, for the record, I think Howie, and perhaps Lesley and Jenny (I can’t remember if they expressed and opinion), were right about the video. I should have trusted the material more.

Anyway, for the final time, here is Tom’s Ball Fitness: