I’m on camp again. Been here since Sunday. I’m speaking to about 70 year 7 and 8s. We’re looking at people Jesus met. It’s a bunch of talks that I gave in December at another camp. Right now I’m sitting in my room, I’ve had a break from of camp to read, sleep and find out what’s been happening on the internet. I’d like to pretend this is my first break but one of the great things about camp is that everyone is tired, so when I disappear to have a sleep no-one thinks I’m being lazy, they think I’m looking after myself. And you know it’s important. I have a hectic schedule. I have to speak once a day and sit in on small groups. It’s very tiring. The rest of my day is full of things like playing games, eating food, and hanging around with people. Tough. That definitely deserves a daily nap.

One of the things that has made me happy is that today we had a mystery elective for some of the young people, and it turned out to be a two-hour YouTube marathon. What a great idea. After a few technical issues, it turned into and extended Video of the Week session, except it was everyone’s videos of the week. Brilliant!

In case you’re wondering the talks are going pretty well. I tend to find that doing old talks is never as satisfying as doing new stuff. But I’m sure I don’t have the space to always be writing new stuff. Seeing I was working on other stuff right up until my first night on camp, new stuff wouldn’t really have had any space.

I’ve been recording the talks so I might even get around to posting them sometime. I could stick them up, one a week or something. Then my podcast would get a regular update. That’d be novel.

Speaking of speaking, my friend Graham Baldock recently interviewed me about speaking on camps for his blog. You can find my answers at these links: part one, part two, and part three. You can find his reflections here. If I was struck by anything it’s that sometimes I lack coherent grammar when I speak.