Often I finish a day and I think, “Man, there was so much I would have loved to have accomplished, but didn’t.” And I often think about all the things I would like to be doing with my life if I wasn’t too busy checking Facebook and stuff. So I decided to plot out what a perfect day would look like for me. Not like perfect as a one off day, that day would involve movies and Thai food, and laughing with old friends and maybe a road trip as well. I wanted to plot a day where I went to bed and said “That was a productive day. I feel happy that I got stuff done.” I decided that after I’ve plotted my perfect day I’m going to pick a day where it’s technically possible to happen then I’m gonna do my very best to do it, just once and see if it feels as good as I think it would. So here you go, here’s my one perfect day. I’m starting at 10pm the day before before a perfect day will begin with a good 8 hours sleep.

10:00pm – Sleep.
6:00am – Wake up, shower.
6:20am – Read Bible, Pray, have meaningful inspiring insights.
6:50am – Eat Cornflakes.
7:00am – Go to work. (I’m assuming this is an office day because they are always less satisfying for me than a school visit day. They’re also easier to plan)
7:30am – Arrive at office. Catch up on news Work hard on things. Send lots of emails. Do some solid talk preparation.
10:00am – Have meaningful things to contribute in Office prayers or Bible study.
10:45am – Make a phone call or two. Write a blog post. Do more talk or resources preparation.
1:30pm – Lunch break. Eat really healthy but taste lunch (e.g. Chicken salad roll with water to drink)
2:30pm – Do more hard work. Make a joke with a colleague to lighten office mood and participate in after lunch silliness.
4:00pm – Go home.
4:45pm – Arrive home. Change into running gear. Warm up.
5:00pm – Go for a 5km run.
5:30pm – Arrive back from run, cool down.
5:45pm – Shower and change.
6:00pm – Check internet for new and exciting things. Reply to email. See what Facebook has for me.
6:15pm – Write some of my book project*
7:00pm – Make some dinner.
7:30pm – Eat dinner with housemates.
8:00pm – Watch TV show with housemates.
8:45pm – Internet time, do more Facebook, read blogs, write a funny blog post. Write more of the book if I’m feeling inspired.
9:40pm – Get ready for bed.
9:45pm – Read in bed – One Psalm, a bit of my current book.
10:00pm – Sleep.

So there you have it. The perfect 24-hours in terms of productivity. I’m pretty sure if I did that everyday I’d go out of my mind. But I’ll give it a go and see how I feel.

The day I have selected is Wednesday 8th August. I know that’s a long way away, but it’s my first possible date to have a day that’ll fit this schedule. If you’re keen feel free to join me. We can declare 8th August, National Perfect Day. It’ll be inspiring.

For now it’s past midnight and I should go to sleep otherwise tomorrow is going to be not so perfect. And tomorrow is State of Origin 3 and I’m pretty sure the more time I spend sleeping the better chance the Blues have of winning, and they really need all the help they can get. Good night.

*I’m writing a book of The Bible Makes Me Giggle. Mainly because I think it’s funny and will appeal to immature people who love Jesus or need help loving Jesus. I also have often thought about writing. Now I am. I’ve written 2,000 words so far. I know, it’s impressive. I’ll do a seminar on being a writer soon.