Today (Friday) was an eventful day for work.

In a short talk on Jesus being “the Truth”, as I talked about truth being relative I told the story of the blind men “feeling up an elephant.” Oops. One word too many in that phrase.

Then at my next school, a primary school. I made a girl cry. She was probably about 7. I was asking the kids for suggestions of things they’d seen recently that were amazing. This girl put her hand up and said “My friends!”

I heard her say “My fence.” So I said “Your fence?!”, hoping to hear what made her fence to amazing.

Everyone laughed. She said in a small voice “My friends.” Then she burst into tears.

After my talk at that same school, some students gave a presentation about different countries and what they’re famous for. I found out that Germany is famous for sausages, cheese, beer, Hitler and pretzels.