My sister emailed me today and said:

“You don’t blog anymore, what happened?”

This is true.

The answer is, I don’t blog because I’ve got bloggers block. I’ve spent many hours (half-hours at least) staring at my screen thinking of things to write about, and nothing happens. It’s tough. It’s like constipation but worse. At least with constipation you know there is something waiting to get out.

After my first three months of blogging everyday, April got just 13 blog posts and lots of them were videos. This is sad.

So now, as I go through this tough time, I want to ask you dear readers for help. Please comment on this post and tell me what you want me to blog about. I promise that I will blog about each and everyone of those things that you ask me to blog about*. Now is you chance you learn my opinion (or lack of) on anything you want. You can request a story on anything that interests you. I’m your blogging servant. Ask me to blog about cats – You got it. Suggest I blog about my greatest fear – Done! Request a blog on tonight’s budget – coming right up. You can even request photos, videos, paintings, drawings, dance numbers. This is the power of the internet folks, harness it!

Now I can’t guarantee that I’ll blog about the topic exactly how you want me to. If you suggest “Your biggest secret” I can promise you that I will not tell you my biggest secret. I know how the internet works and it’s not a place for storing secrets. Just so you don’t get disappointed.

Anyway, comment your requests, we’ll see what happens.

*God-willing. And it may take me a while depending how many suggestions I get. I may defer some of my blog posts commitments to the 2013 blogging season to return blog to surplus.