Today I was at a school and a Dollarmite came to visit. It was totally exciting.

I took a photo which I thought I could use for the Scavenger Hunt, but I realised that it would only get me 3 points so I decided I’d go for the Geocache. That’s 20 points.

So here’s the photo. I’ve edited it a tad so that I’m not breaching privacy. At least I hope I’m not breaching privacy now.

What I liked about this school today is that I sat through two assemblies and all the teachers were really affirming. Often I find I’m in a school assembly and the students get a telling off for their uniform or the rubbish in the playground or something. Today I heard about how the school was working on being kind. In the High School assembly for year 7 and 8 the Principal told them all how much the teachers enjoyed teaching them. He then asked some of the teachers to tell the students what they enjoyed about teaching them. It was nice to see.

I’m pretty sure there’s a place for giving students a bit of telling off, but today it was nice to see the adults just being kind and affirming.