Tomorrow the March Photo Scavenger Hunt begins! I’m freaking excited. Here is a photo of me being excited:


I haven’t actually made any strategy. I’m not going to win I don’t think. But John Polson never won Tropfest did he. I was planning on taking a photo of the sunrise tomorrow, but the weather is looking like it’s not going let me. I’ll have to find someone famous I guess. I think I’m gonna make a page for all my photos, Howie’s page looks good. I like his running total for points.

I’m thinking about taking my 7D everywhere with me so I can be really arty. I’m not sure I want to carry that much camera too much though. Not when Siri lives in my pocket with her voluptuous 8 megapixels. We’ll see though.

It’s not too late to join the fun. Come join in!