Well here we are, at the new blog. Same content, prettier package.

If any of you have been accessing my blog in the past few weeks you will have noticed that the comments have broken. This meant that 9 years of comments became very hard to find, the formatting has been thrown off, and things became generally unpleasant. I tried to get the problem fixed but it was impossible. I had been planning on making the move over to WordPress sometime this year perhaps as a celebration of ten years of blogging (I celebrate big!). The breaking of the comments just meant I did it a bit earlier.

Sadly I have not been able to import all the old comments. I have manually done them from mid-September till now. I’ll will keep going for a while, but there’s no way I’ll be able to transfer the thousands of comments that are there, so unless I find a way to import them automatically, they’ll have to stay back in blogspot land till I shut the comments down. That’s pretty sad. I feel like half the life of this blog is in the comments. If you have any comments or conversations you think are great back on my old blog, feel free to manually transfer them across. The old blog is still accessible here.

Make sure you update your bookmarks, links and all the rest to the new address.

Seeing as we’re at a new blog, if you have any new content you want to see, any pages you want to see up the top, or amazing new features, feel free to suggest them and I’ll give them to one of my flunkies you make happen.

And now to celebrate the new blog, here’s a picture of a happy old man: