My Compassion child graduated a few weeks ago. His name is Edi. We’d been solid buddies for about 10 years or more I reckon. I’m not sure what he’s graduated on to, hopefully my support has given him the start he needed to become a stunt driver for the local film industry. I really hope that was his dream.

Now that Edi is gone, Compassion wanted to seemlessly move me onto another sponsor child, but I’ve decided to change sponsor child providers. Maybe one closer to home, I might sponsor a child from Waitara, it’s tough growing up on the wrong side of Wahroonga.

Whatever the case, I emailed Compassion today saying that I wasn’t going keep sponsoring children with them. I was a bit worried about how they’d take it. I got a phone call later in the day from one of their workers. I thought “Here we go, they’re going to make this a messy break-up.” As it turns out however, they were excellent. The worker was just ringing me to let me know that they have cancelled my sponsorship payments, I might get one more thing from them in the post but I can ignore that, and that I am also giving them some money in another program too, and would I like to stop giving to that also?” I indicated I would and she very politely said she’d stop that payment too. It was great. The first time I’ve ever been rung by a charity asking me if I want to stop giving money.

Good work, Compassion. Thanks for taking the break-up so well. You can keep wearing my t-shirt around if you want to.