I’m on camp and I think I lost my keys. My car has one set of keys and I think they’re somewhere in the greater Newcastle region. Unless I get a phone call soon, or one of the leaders from camp says to me soon “Hey Tom, I found your keys” I’m gonna pronounce them lost. What I have been thinking about is that this is actually not a bad problem to have. For one most people in the world would love to have keys to lose. I didn’t just lose the key to my car, I lost the keys to my house, my work and my parents front screen door. That speaks of a life of luxury. I have a car. Hooray! I have a house to live in. Excellent! I have a place of work. Woohoo! I have parents and they have a screen door! What’s not to be thankful for about my life?

Plus I rang the NRMA, and they said, if I really have lost my keys, they’ll tow me to a locksmith or car dealer who can sort me out. I’ll get to ride in a tow truck. I have a great life. I might have lost keys, but I have a great life.