I think that it’s safe to say that I have never had any doubts about my faith. The great thing about being a Christian giant is that I am not plagued by the common misgivings of simple folk. So let me tell you all the things I have never doubted.

I have never doubted the existence of God. I have never thought to myself “God might not actually be real.” As I personally commune with God everyday, it’s hard to think he mightn’t be real. I would just as easily question the existence of myself.

I have never doubted if I’m saved. Even if I didn’t feel God’s presence (which I do) I know that salvation is assured in Jesus. Assurance means just that, obviously it’d be silly to question it.

I have never doubted the authority of the Bible. God breathed it, men wrote it, we read it. Simple really.

I have never wondered if my sin stops God from loving me. I love me even when I sin, so why shouldn’t God?

I have never thought there could be more than one way to God. Jesus is the only way. Just because people of other faiths are nice, and just because people have important spiritual experiences outside the Christian faith, there’s no reason for me to think there might be validity in any other faith.

I have never doubted God’s calling on my life. He said it once, why should he need to say it again.

I’ve never doubted the terrible nature of sin. I know it’s bad, the Bible says so. Why would you question that? Who cares what my desire tells me.

I have never doubted the uselessness of doubt. Doubt eats away at faith. Doubts cannot strengthen a person, so obviously I never doubt.

I have never doubted. Name a doubt, I haven’t had it.

I’ll pray for you that you can be more like me.

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