If I had $6.50 left in the world I would by a 600ml Coke and a Mars bar.

I just told Johnny that’s what I’d do and he laughed at me and said “That’s quite the entrepreneurial spirit.”

I did consider investing the money or something, perhaps starting a small business, but I’m not that gifted. Even on Kiva you lend $25 to people in developing nations to do something special with. And I’m not resourceful like a small-business owner in the developing world. They’re inspiring. I’m bloated on the convenience of my rich, North Shore existence. In St Ives if we see $6.50 on the ground (you’d be surprised how often people leave that amount lying around) we don’t bother to pick it up, because our wallets have no place for coins. Coins are beneath us. Quite literally, our house is built on coins.

Anyway, I digress.

Seeing as I have no idea how to turn money in more money (I’m not sure why I’m allowed to live in St Ives, lacking that skill set), I figure it’s best just to starve to death, happy that the last of my money was spent on sugar which did nothing good for me at all except makes me feel a little bit happy.

By the way, you should click that link to Kiva. They’ll give you $25 to lend to a small business in a developing nation (including the USA!) to get you started. It’s great. With Kiva, anyone can be a loan shark, though the interest rates are disappointedly low and you don’t get to break anyone’s knee-caps if they default on a loan.

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