So it seems that the most interesting thing to blog about in this crowd sourced blogging is my choice of underwear. So let me tell you the story of what happened. Back in the day I used to wear undies (briefs) and boxers together. This started in high school when boxers were cool, but there was also an outbreak of dackings going on. People would go for the double-dack where you’d get both pants and undies in one fell swoop. So I decided to have a secret weapon. Double undies. That way they could double-pant me and my business would still be safe behind my cotton forcefield. I also took to wearing my belt quite tight in those days. Life was tough back then. Only those with street-smarts made it through. (One person did try dacking me, the belt held.)

After high school however, I just kept the practice up. It’s just what I did. In fact still to this day, I have two pairs of boxers and I have two pairs of undies which I wear with them. I’m even wearing the boxers/undies combo today.

However, back in 2005 my auntie gave me some underwear for Christmas which was half way between boxers and undies. Longer then undies and tighter than boxers but not as tight as undies. I didn’t really know what to do when I got them. I didn’t know if they were the top layer of the bottom layer. This forced me to make a decision. Would I reject these undies because they were different or would I try a new experience? Seeing as I’m into multiculturalism and all that, I gave the undies a chance and found I quite enjoyed them.

Now days I tend to mostly wear trunks, which are as tight as undies but show as much leg as boxers. I choose my underwear on whether I would be happy to walk around the house in it. While I tend to wear my 15 year-old trackies around the house in the mornings, I have been known to just wear the trunks. Briefs I think show too much leg. I’m comfortable in trunks.

If you’re really keen to see me in them, move into my neighbours house and look out the window on some mornings between the 6:30am and 7am, you might get to see me ironing my trousers in trunks, unless it’s a boxers and briefs day, then you’ll be out of luck, but I will be well prepared for a schoolyard dacking.

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