I went to see the filming of a new show called Randling tonight. It was hosted by Andrew Denton. There were funny people also in the show.

I can’t tell you much about it, because I am bound by a non-disclosure laminated sign that was on the wall of the ABC when I walked in. I’m pretty sure laminated signs are legally binding. The ABC will probably come cut out my tongue or something. I’m pretty sure someone at the ABC will see this, they’ll have their Google Alerts or something going. I don’t want to get taken down by Kerry O’Brian. He’s a ninja.

What I will say is it was funny. Like tears in the eyes funny at times. And there were plenty of televisions, lights and cameras which always make me happy.

And finally we were able to to get a photo with Andrew Denton for the Scav Hunt. Famous person done. Thank you, Mr Denton. Y’all know where to find the photo.