We’re one week into the March Scavenger Hunt and it’s brilliant fun. I’m having heaps of fun seeing everyone’s photos as they go up. I’m loving the challenge of figuring out new photos to take each day. I’m really enjoying seeing people’s creativity.

Yesterday at the end of week 1 I was in the lead, but I slipped to second place tonight after I only posted a five-pointer. That’s not worrying me too much as I’ve been planning to slip back. Mainly because the strong start is probably unsustainable and I don’t think I’m committed enough to go for all the big points. For instance I have no plans to get a tattoo or sky diving and I’m pretty sure there are some of those plans in the works with other players.

Now I’m hoping to work a bit harder at taking good photos as opposed to points photos. Still, I’d be happy to finish in the top five.

I’m enjoying watching people play. B is going hard. He’s currently in first place and my sources tell me he’s got a good chance at holding that position. Jenny seems to be playing the long game, she’s probably the person I think is most likely to give B a run for his money. Noob, Howie, Ming, the Essons and Jo Lu are also strong contenders. The dark horse could be Tim Hiatt who started on day 4 with a 15 point penalty but has moved up to 9th position. He also, incidentally, posted the largest photos series I have seen with 171 photos, that’s about 0.11 points per photo. You don’t have that kind of dedication if you aren’t prepared to leave everything on the field.

I’m also enjoying some of the photos. Mark is a stand out. He’s not playing to win, he’s playing to be awesome. And he’s awesome. Check out these two favourites of mine (I didn’t ask permission to post these, I hope he doesn’t mind):

Photo by Mark White

Photo by Mark White

I’m totally jealous of his skills.

The majority of the photos though are just fun. Some are funny. Some are creative. Some are taken quickly because people forget to take a photo that day. I get excited everyday to see what people are going to come up with.

I love having interstate and international players. I love that there are some people playing who I don’t know. It’s exciting that an idea that I came up with for just a few people on the blogs has become rather big, at least by my standards.

I have had to penalise people for photos that don’t fit the category. I don’t like doing it. I should probably have disallowed more, but I’m feeling pretty generous and non-confrontational. I’ll probably get a bit harsher as the days go on.

Anyway, I’m excited to see how things are going to turn out. It feels a little like watching the world’s longest cricket match, but with more art and less stadiums or television coverage. It’s good fun.

If you want to see a bunch of the photos the Facebook group is the best place to look. If you want to see the scores go here. If you want to see all my photos go here.