As noted before I was planning on going geocaching for the scav hunt. So Johnny and I set off for one of our local geocaches. As soon as we left home, it started raining. No worries. We love rain.

Johnny love the rain. It is raining.

We headed off into the bush, excited to be on the hunt for 20 points of Scavenger Hunt brilliance!

We love the bush

A few hundred meters down the bush track, we arrive at the site of the geocache, but we can’t find it anywhere. I follow the compass, the compass tells me it’s two metres south, I head two metres south, it tells me it’s nine metres north-west, I head nine metres north-west, it changes again. We look in the under growth, we look in the trees, we look in the spiders’ webs. No geocache. The rain gets harder. We keep looking. The rain keeps falling. We decide to give up and head for a new geocache.

Johnny can’t find the geocache

As we head up the hill a dog arrives. Happy, young, full of excited energy. We ignore it. We’re on the hunt for hidden treasure. The dog follows us. We keep ignoring it; dogs won’t slow us down. The dog walks in front of an on-coming car. Johnny pulls the dog in, saving it’s life. We keep walking. We tell the dog to go home. It keeps walking with us. The dog walks in front of another car. I grab it and pull it in. Now we’ve saved the dog’s life twice.

We realise that if we just leave the dog it’s going to get hit by a car. I have a look at the dog’s collar. Her name is Ellie, she lives just up the street. We walk her home, keeping her off the road. Realising this could be “photo with a story” potential we pose for some photos at Ellie’s driveway then I walk her in.

We good lookers

Johnny and Ellie

I explain to Ellie the dangers of hair loss

She lives at the end of a long driveway. I walk in and there’s a big posh house at the end. Outside the house is parked about six cars, Audis, VW Golfs, other European cars. The house is full of glass I can see right in. There’s no one around. There’s a side door open and a lit up laptop sitting on the table. I contemplate walking in but figure I could get hit in the head with a golf-club. So I stay outside cause I have a thing against golf clubs. I knock on the door and hear nothing. I consider the fact that there are massive amounts of cars and no people. Perhaps everyone has been murdered. Perhaps I’ll be framed.

I knock again, I hear a scream. Definitely murder. And then I hear a girl say “There’s someone at the door, a random.” A young, early-20s, attractive, blond girl, wearing nothing but a t-shirt arrives at the door. It suddenly feels like the story line to one of those films that you shouldn’t be watching. Except, I’m not there to clean the pool and she’s doesn’t look at all happy to see me.

I explain that I found her dog. She says “Oh Ellie” and is at least happy to see the dog. She says sorry and thank you to me and tells me they should keep the gate shut. Then she takes Ellie and closes the door. She heads around to close the side door and shouts “Thank you!” one more time, the shuts the automatic gates behind me. I leave with the dog delivered, 30 points in the bag and everyone’s virtue intact. A job well done.

However, we didn’t ever find a geocache.

In case you’re wondering, Johnny shed blood on the adventure quest. Here are his leech bites.)