Tomorrow I’m going to a school to do a chapel talk. I was asked to talk about sex. But then I was told I needed to be careful what I said because there were going to be year 5 kids in the room. That’s difficult. There are going to be kids from year 5 all the way up to year 12. You don’t need to be an expert in adolescent development to know that what a year 5 kid is thinking about sex is very different to what a year 12 kid is thinking.

So I’m trying to work out how I’m going to do this. One option is to use more double entendres so that the kids that don’t get them are obviously too young for them. The other option is to just water it down, but then I probably won’t say anything at all. The last option is just to go for it and assume that kids know more than we want them to anyway. That tends to work for the majority of the time, but then will have one or two glaring exceptions, like the year seven kid in my youth group who went home and asked his Dad what masturbation was. Oops. Not that I’d be talking about masturbation tomorrow, but being the visiting speaker you don’t want to be the guy who says way too much.

I still haven’t decided how I’m going to do it. I guess we’ll see tomorrow.